Friday, October 08, 2004


An interview with me by Oregon filmmaker Joe Sherlock popped up today at I tried not to sound too half-assed. The site isn't 100% workplace-friendly, so a direct link to my interview can be found here.

My first comic book reviews for Pretty/Scary went up today, which is a new women's horror site covering movies, books, comics, and so on. I guess they just couldn't find any nerdy girls who read comics, so they asked me. More of my comic book reviews to come there.

Leonard Mogel's new book "This Business of Broadcasting" lists the top 8 university programs in broadcasting:

1. USC
2. Emerson College (Jason Santo of MicroCinemaScene's alma mater)
3. NYU
4. Ball State University (my alma mater)
5. Temple
6. Boston University
7. Michigan State
8. University of South Texas

Go Ball U!!!

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