Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Evil

It's been a good year professionally for me. Both AMONG US and PETER ROTTENTAIL came out direct to video, with RAZORTEETH and SEX MACHINE in production. A few failed projects along the way, as well but that's par for the course and perhaps best to let them stay buried. In the summer I had a great time teaching workshops and helping judge MicrocinemaFest 2004 in Rapid City, as well as helping select films for the Oranje Art and Music Event in Indianapolis. I have gotten a chance to meet and work with a lot of good people. I went to Dayton's Scary Camp con as well as Indy's GenCon, and in the fall my brother and I roadtripped to the Polonia Brothers suprise birthday party in Pennsylvania. I got interviewed at and was reviewed in Cinescape Magazine. Hopefully there will be some good projects in 05 as well. Every year I stop and think whether I want to keep going. This year I've had a good spate of luck, but everything's cyclical. I hope the wave doesn't crest for a bit longer.

For 2005 I would like to see a few good projects come to fruition in the movie scene as well as break into comic-book writing. I keep thinking I'll jump behind a camera and put together something for myself as well. Who knows what might happen.

I wish all of my loyal readers good luck in 2005 with your own projects.

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