Wednesday, April 06, 2005

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Back to the mailbag, and this email from loyal b-movie fan Carin:

hey john- i watched among us today... i was really surprised at how professional it looked. and i had no idea you could play such a convincing bigfoot... i gave it a five on i bought that and peter rottentail at now that razorteeth is out i just might have to get that too. i like to support the "little guys". oh, since you were bigfoot at times, maybe you can answer this... what was the cairn for? they didn't find anything under it. if there's no answer- you can just make one up. that's fun too. in peter, i did think it was great that he stabbed people in the head with a carrot and that it made that "boing" sound everytime he hopped. i was cracking up.

Carin, thanks for writing and I am glad you enjoyed the movies. RAZORTEETH, out in just a few weeks, is more of the same. The cairn in AMONG US was actually based on Bigfoot lore; often times at Bigfoot sightings these piles of rocks are found later, so I wanted that to be an element of the story. Nobody has ever ascertained what they are left for, and certainly not our somewhat bullheaded lead character. In the story, movie director Billy D’Amato’s willful destruction of the cairn ends up being the impetus for the Bigfoot attack later that night. If you watch carefully, the round rock that comes through the window, that the science-nerd Wayne picks up, was from the cairn. After the shoot, I took that round rock home and put it on my bedside table. Someday, when AMONG US reaches its full-fledged cult status, I will sell it on ebay and buy that writer’s retreat by the shore.

Of course, I wanted the cairn to be about four feet high, but there was no convenient rock quarry nearby, so we had to make do.

I remember that Wayne, actor Jon McBride, told me he was laughing all the way through the script on first read-through because of all the crazy details I made up about Bigfoot lore. Actually I didn’t make any of it up. I based it on research I did about sightings, and tried to incorporate a lot of those elements, like the “Minnesota Iceman” and yes, even the memorable monologue about the pyramid of poo.

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