Sunday, April 22, 2012

SPACE Oddities

My old pal Tom Cherry decided to table at the Small Press and Comics Expo this year, a great show in Columbus Ohio that we have both visited several times.  I offered to help him table, which mostly meant I walked around and talked to other cartoonists and then drew sketches that forced people to take a wide berth around his booth.  A fun day and a neat event.


Tom Cherry's wares on display at SPACE.

Sketchy SPACE

Demand was minimal for my offbeat convention sketches at Tom's table.

SPACE Barbarism

I have been following Tom Scioli's career for a long time and met him some years ago at SPACE.  Here he is signing American Barbarian for me, a lunatic masterpiece.


Some of the stash I picked up at SPACE.  I am a longtime fan of Pam Bliss and really like her mixed-media Green Peas and Chickenhorses and was pleasantly surprised by something I'd never heard of before called Indestructible Universe Quarterly.  I picked up some new Cynicalman and King Cat Comics and really enjoyed meeting King Cat's John Porcellino.  I have been reading his autobiographical comic for over ten years and had the surreal experience of feeling like I knew somebody I had never met before.


Tom Cherry signs a copy of one of his minicomics for a fan named Simba.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cooler Than Me

Me working the door at the Mike Posner concert put on by my university, taken with complete irony by my daughter.  I can't remember for sure but I think my last concert might have been They Might Be Giants, not exactly the same crowd.  However, I did like this show, especially Mike Posner's unusual covers, including Wonderwall, Rolling with the Deep, and Evil Woman

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Hoosier Silver Screen

My first trip to the Indiana University Cinema in Bloomington, Indiana, a hip, alternative film venue as evidenced by these two hip, alternative dudes.  This is me and director Miguel Coyula at the screening of his film "Memories of Overdevelopment."  I met Miguel some years ago when his movie "Red Cockroaches" played at Microcinema Fest in South Dakota, where I was a festival judge.  Since then Miguel has played in some less prestigious venues, such as Sundance.  He was so busy at IU we didn't even get to reminisce about sharing a bunk bed at American University in Rapid City.