Monday, June 26, 2006

I Shut My Eyes, The World Falls Dead

I got the first issue of a new magazine called Digital Content Producer and was excited to see my old bunkmate from Microcinema Fest 2004 in Rapid City, Miguel Coyula, gracing the cover. He made what I think is the greatest microcinema movie to date, Red Cockroaches. My most vivid memory of him is trying to convince him that he would get killed if he got out of the jeep and fed a sandwich to a bison in the back country of Custer State Park. When he becomes even more famous, I hope he remembers that I saved his life, more or less.

I was thumbing through a book at the library called The Sleaze Merchants and, lo and behold, found a chapter on Brett Piper, whose Bigfoot costume I shemped briefly in the stunning denouement of AMONG US, the Bigfoot epic I penned for the Polonia Brothers currently airing on the Space Network in beloved Canada.

If I find myself one day in either of these publications, I will know I have truly made it.

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