Monday, July 17, 2006

The Captain of Her Heart

My pal Amit Tripuraneni is working like a fiend on his movies and when he has down time climbs rocks and cooks gourmet food. Me, I've been catching up on watching Entourage from Netflix and drinking Encore Cola from Meijer. But since I really liked his movie Memories of Tomorrow I thought I would take a page from his lesson book and try some clean living. So Saturday I ran-ish, and by that I mean walked, in a charity 5K at Indiana University East. I finished 159th out of 165 people, right behind an obese, elderly man who seemed on the verge of death. I actually felt rather chipper after, and ate a portabello mushroom sandwich at a cool little restaraunt I like.

So where is Adrian Greiner's hip screenwriter friend on Entourage? In fact, where are any screenwriters on Entourage? And there you go.

Saw this, wish I'd written it myself.

I'd like to go see this.

What the---

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