Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Net, A Net

Some wise, wonderful scribes at The Horror Blog think the Polonia Brothers should be selected for the next "Masters of Horror" series, here. Link snitched from the PoBros Fan Club site, natch.

You know what the number one question that I get asked on this blog is? "What are the Polonia Brothers like?" When I was in Wellsboro a week ago, sitting on John Polonia's porch across the street from the graveyard on a dark night (not making this part up) I told John and Mark this, and they fell into a surprised silence. I felt like saying, "It's called the Internet, guys, get on it once in a while," but they just don't think that way. All they think about is how much they love movies.

So when I was in Salem, Massachusetts I got plenty spooked. But I got some good ideas for stories, including one I wanted to call Witch Finder General. But John P. casually told me that no, that had been used when the Vincent Price flick "The Conqueror Worm" was retitled. And sure enough, when I got home I checked it on IMDB and he was spot-on. He knows movies, as the massive wall of VHS and DVD horror movies in his house will attest, a fanboy dream and a Blockbuster rep's nightmare.

One time Mark P. told me that when he first saw his wife, he knew he would marry her; and when he first saw a movie, he knew he would make them. How many of us can say our own lives have followed such sure-footed paths?

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Anonymous said...

Great post John. Not only do they feed off each other but they have that great gift of instilling excitement to those who work with them. Sort of like a "horror high", and you have to have it for those wonderful endless takes. "Ok, great , more time"


Gary Lumpp said...

Considering how horrible John Carpenter's entry in the Masters series ("Cigarette Burns") turned out, I'm sure the Polonias could do just as well. Especially since they'd have to get you to write it - and lord knows your a vastly superior writer to Drew "I'm Moriarity at Ain't It Cool News" McWeeny. (And yes, that is his real last name.)