Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Wooden Dialogue

So the Polonia Brothers go off and make a movie with Leslie Culton in a hot tub and then one with Misty Mundae on the beach and I don't get invited, but they make one with Jon McBride dressed up like a creepy priest and I'm right there. Such is the sad life of the b-movie screenwriter. Despite these letdowns I am rejoining the Bros on a new horror feature, SPLINTERHEAD, about a ventriloquist dummy inhabited by the spirit of a soul unjustly accused of witchcraft back in the day who tries to get revenge on the village that did him in (thank you, muse, for the trip to Salem this summer). The next generation of Polonia Brothers, Mark's son Anthony, plays the lead in this more PG-flavored outing, soon underway in America's b-movie backlot, Wellsboro Pennsylvania.

More new projects in the hopper; until then, give me a shout at

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Tom said...

Congrats on the new writing gig, John!