Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Love Letters to Rambler

Ice storms, frozen pipes, sore throat. I thought it was supposed to be spring.

I finished MENTAL SCARS for producer Richard Myles, in sunnier North Carolina, and am looking at my next few projects hopefully falling into place.

Apparently while I wasn't paying attention they decided to kill off Captain America. With a couple of slugs from a sniper's rifle. Dumb. We'll see how long that lasts.

Thinking about going to see this in a couple of weeks.

I saw the Colts Super Bowl DVD in the store the other day and still can't believe it actually happened.

More later; until then, give me a shout at


Dr. Squid said...

Captain America killed by a sniper - LAME. At least he could've been blown up by a giant missle after battling an enitre army of nazi robots reactivated by thai terrorists or something dramatic. Then there would be smoke and fire and when he comes back it could more easily be explained.

Shot by a sniper - too "real world" for me. Be more fantastic -it;s a comic book, you CAN be more fantastic.

Anyway, you know he's a nerd hyped up on super syrum so perhaps they'll give him a super SUPER syrum and bring him back?

Tom said...

Who needs Captain America when the world still has The Star Spangled Fist?