Monday, July 23, 2007

My Cleanest Dirty Shirt

My friend Doug showed up Sunday with a grocery sack full o' comics, so I should be happy for a while. It was a nice surpise after a hellacious migraine on Saturday. Although apparently Marvel's "Civil War" is in there, way at the bottom.

My NZ pal Amit Tripuraneni, who I wrote URAMESHIYA (GHOST SCREAM) for, has a pretty interesting interview about his new horror film FIVE right here.

One of these things popped up in front of the McDonald's in the next little town over, making it the closest video store to my house. Has anybody else seen one of these, or tried one?

I don't know where my brother finds stuff like this (probably NSFW).

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Tim Shrum said...


I've used Redbox off and on for several months now in between my Netflix que. Not much of a selction, but the price can't be beat! You can find also get a free movie code from their site.

Pete Bauer said...

My brother in Texas has used it previously. Thought it was a cool idea.

Ryan said...

They have one of those Redbox things in the grocery store near my house. There's always somebody standing at/using it when I walk by.

Bill Cunningham said...

I haven't seen them yet here in the "big city"...

But I'd like to try one.