Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Grey Flannel Life

It's been one of those hairy days when you look around and almost two weeks have gone by. I hope to return to the blogosphere soon; in the meantime, check out my new blog here.

The yard is a blasted desert, the air God's hair dryer.

I did have a BBQ sandwich dressed with blue cheese chunks that I can't stop thinking about.

I stumbled across ON THE LOT again the other night, after I had sworn it off. I keep forgetting that reality shows aren't real, and I should have remembered that more clearly as ARMED AND FAMOUS came to my hometown not long ago to make a show about law enforcement and mostly used their time there to ridicule the populace.

So much alleged fakery and trickery sprung up around ON THE LOT, this supposed reality search for a new movie director, that many people jumped ship and formed their own website that is currently hosting its own contest. The whole thing makes me a bit tired so google it for yourself if you care to know more.

They are down to six people, two of whom I was suprised to see as they should have been kicked off in the first ten minutes. They are down to one episode a week and the elimination of contestants wasn't even shown live any more. They are wheezing to a conclusion and in the end I just feel sorry for the guys left. Some of them ransomed off their lives to be on this show and it's going to be a sad footnote. I wonder what work, if any, these guys are going to be able to get. I'm sure everybody involved feels a bit sick to the stomach.

Sadly for them, I'm getting more work than these guys. I am getting ready to do a third draft of URAMESHIYA (GHOST SCREAM) for director Amit Tripuraneni. More on this soon.

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GaryML said...

I hate to admit it, but I'm still watching "On The Lot" for the amazing trainwreck aspect of it (and the amazing breasts of the host - she never got to show them off on the Headline News morning show). The best thing happened to the show this week: "wunderkind" Zach - he of the "I never met a special effect I didn't like" - was booted. I'm not sure if that means there's still hope for the moviegoing public that they can kick off the guy who's all flash and no substance, or that there are so few viewers left the other contestants just have more family members still voting. The guy who did a take-off on an old Twilight Zone (the doll house one) will probably end up winning, giving us yet another mediocre director. It is a Brett Ratner world, after all.

John Oak Dalton said...

She actually did a news show?