Sunday, July 19, 2009

She Rides A Crimson Shell

Last year, I visited the BlogIndiana Social Media Conference in Indianapolis and had my mind opened to the Next Big Thing. A long-time believer in microcinema and grassroots DV, I saw a new model coming that I would need to know about to keep my day job afloat (as well as my humble, fragile screenwriting career loyal readers come here to learn about) and wanted to sniff out more about it. Astoundingly, this year I will be speaking at BlogIndiana. Is my entry into these hallowed digital halls signalling the death knell of Web 2.0? Only time will tell.

I am getting dangerously hooked not only on my Kindle (just snagged some inexpensive Allan Guthrie noir) but, a magical place where you can get rid of modern trashy paperbacks you don't want any more and trade them for golden guilty pleasures like Samuel R. Delany and Day Keene. This site is a vast improvement over, in my opinion, which I often referred to as "Book Throwing Away Club."

The good news for me is that usually a big spate of reading forecasts the brain food for a long bout of writing, so stay tuned. Until later I am at

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Pete Bauer said...

John, I don't know if DV cinema is dead... I think we'll be surprised how the final version of entertainment viewing will resemble what we have today.

I read a recent study that said children still spend more time in front of the TV than anything else... more hours there than in previous years. And, as people age they'll like bigger screens, better quality, more comfortable seats, etc.

And, I think they'll like real stories, not :30 ideas. This you tube stuff kinda reminds me of when MTV came out. They said our generation would not have the attention span to watch normal television. Yet, lo and behold, here we are, watching TV like our parents did, just on much better equipment.

Congrats on the speaking engagement. Have a blast!