Saturday, January 14, 2012

Star Comics, 1976-2012

Above is the cover of Star Comics, circa 1976, where my god-like Superman-type figure, White Miracle, apparently gets pissed off, grabs a flying surfboard,  and goes rogue.  Lined up to stop him are Starman, Rockman, Stretcho, and Shadowman, who have only a coincidental similarity to the Golden Age Starman, The Thing, Elongated Man, and a Mego Spider-Man wearing a Mego Batman's costume.  They are aided by the White Miracle of the 74th Century, an apparent nod to my fascination with the Legion of Super-Heroes and the color orange.  The real question is, has my art style really evolved, more than 35 years later?


Tom said...

Yes, I certainly see an evolution in your art style! Thanks for posting these! I think I have told you before how envious I am in the fact you kept your childhood comics! I still regret tossing all of mine in the trash during my middle school years! I also hope the redone cover is a sign you're on the verge of working on some new comics! At least, I can hope!

John Oak Dalton said...

Be careful what you wish for! :)