Thursday, March 28, 2013

Between Dada and D'Amato

I must be real, I'm in a book called "Fervid Filmmaking!"  I am mentioned in the article about Sex Machine, a movie I co-wrote with Christopher Sharpe, reviewed in this tome featuring "cult pictures of vision, verve, and no self-restraint" (and I can attest that I have at least one of those).  This book does state that I am a novelist, so I wonder if they got me confused with the actual author John Dalton?

This is conspicuously sitting on my coffee table, in case you come by.  Until later I am at


Mike Watt said...

I thought sure you were the novelist as well as the author of this fine film. Please write a novel so I don't look foolish.

(And if you like the book, a few more words in public, like where people can buy it, would make you my new best friend, even if you are writing for Henrique Couto.) ;)

John Oak Dalton said...

I keep trying! I find it easier to write screenplays but would like to make the jump.

Strangely, the first time I heard of the other John Dalton was unfortunately when I had to take my wife to the emergency room one night. I opened a copy of Story Magazine that I was able to grab while I was waiting and strangely, saw my own name.

I enjoyed and book and I've followed your stuff for a long time, thanks for the shout-out!