Monday, October 19, 2015

They Rode the Sunset, Horse Was Made of Steel

If you weren't at the World Premiere of "Calamity Jane's Revenge," or haven't watched the Limited Edition Blu-Ray/DVD combo--and why haven't you?--don't read this post. 

When director Henrique Couto called me on the phone and asked if I would be interested in writing the movie I grabbed this sheet of paper out of my sketchpad and wrote these notes.  Then promptly lost track of this paper and had to write the script from what I remember writing down that night.  And I think I remembered this cryptic note pretty well.

Screenwriting secrets revealed!  This is all of the outlining I did for the screenplay, but spent about a week moving the furniture around in my mind before I started writing.


Jim said...

I'd love to see an improvised movie based on that rough outline.

John Oak Dalton said...

This movie isn't too far off!