Monday, November 28, 2005

Back in Black

It's been a week or so since I posted and I guess it's because a lot has happened. I fractured a tooth. I got a new job. I'm leaving my old one today after sixteen years. When I was waiting at the pharmacy for some Vicodin I phoned in to a radio station and won a prize package. I found a cold lucky penny on a warm day. My parents moved. We hosted Thanksgiving and nobody drove away with their middle finger out the window for a change. My nephew turned nine. A basketball hit me in the face and bent my glasses out of whack. My brother loaned me a tall stack of comics. The world keeps moving under my feet.

I have been watching Lost Season One on DVD with my wife and daughter, on loan from my brother, who stated that he wished he could sustain a head injury so that he could rewatch the whole season and not know anything about it. I got my wife and daughter hooked on it after some initial reluctance and now we are gulping them down three and four hours at a time. It's a smart, complicated story with great backstory that you have to pay close attention to--and people like it. Something to think about.

I got a screener copy of Black Mass from the Polonia Brothers this weekend and was really happy with how it turned out. Hopefully others will feel the same. As I suspected, my wife got a little uneasy seeing my head get blown off, which is a good sign for our marriage, methinks.

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Gary Lumpp said...

Nothing says I love you like "I don't want to watch you get your head blown off."

Tim said...

Have people in your family actually driven off from thanksgiving raising their middle finger in the air? i thought I was the only one.