Wednesday, December 07, 2005


My new day job is absorbing a lot of time, though I have found the time to swap phone calls and emails with a lot of the cast and crew of Black Mass, the World War II-era supernatural story I wrote for Polonia Brothers/Intercoast. As preview copies start leaking out, the feedback has been very positive. Of course part of the fun of seeing it for me is that I was there on set for a lot of it, and you recall all the slightly numbing hysteria surrounding any production, only now with six or seven months' grace it all has gone warm and fuzzy. But no matter what the critics cast far and wide across the net and IRL might say, I'm proud of my part in it. And thus I am still holding on to my promise to be proud of everything I've done, my first rule of screenwriting, and one I wonder how many people can claim as their own.

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Matthew Smith said...

You should be proud of what you have wrote. The
"Black Mass" story is a well thought in its progression of character studies. A tear even came to my eye as Griff is torn apart :)

John Oak Dalton said...

Spoiler alert!

Nobody cries when I get killed, for some reason.


Matthew Smith said...

YIKES !!!! My lips are sealed !!!!

All kidding aside, the story and character development were great. Your writing made for an enjoyable and captivating watching experience. I look forward to future collaborations between you and the Brothers.


Anonymous said...

I cried when you got killed John. Bitter hungry tears. As for Matt Smith just knowing he cared is enough for me. And as for your death-"Nice gun".