Monday, December 26, 2005

Satan Claus

The holidays passed painlessly enough. I helped my nephew build a muscle car model and my mother-in-law install a wireless router. I got some dress clothes for work and some winemaking books and a copy of Eldest by Christopher Paolini from my daughter. My brother gave me a copy of the 2005 "Best of 24 Hour Comics Day" book that I didn't get into with The Liberator but I can't begrudge the inclusion of the arctic pirate comic that opens the edition, which is far superior to half the comics out there today. He also gave me a DVD from a film fest down in Bloomington, Indiana. His gifts always carry a cryptic message. My brother and I also played Memoir '44 which is a World War II board game somewhere between Squad Leader and Axis and Allies. I ate a lot of turkey and ham and slept in front of a couple of movies and promised I would start losing twenty pounds next year. Last year I vowed to complete twelve minicomics and I only knocked out eight, so we'll see where this vow goes.

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Tom said...

Hey, eight minicomics ain't so bad! I wish I had that many under my belt this year!