Sunday, January 01, 2006


I'm glad to put 2005 in the dustbin of history. I had a lot of personal and professional setbacks and a lot of chaos, some good and some bad. We started this year with a massive ice storm that knocked out the power for days and ended with my wife and I both changing jobs. There are a few car wrecks scattered in there, some health problems, lots of other things. Just as well to shut the file.

Some of the good things that happened were that I got to go to the set of Black Mass in the spring and hang out with some of my Polonia Brothers Entertainment pals, then got to see the movie come to fruition this winter. Sex Machine is also finally screening after a long anticipatory wait. Microcinema Fest was a big success in Chicago this year and I was proud of my small contributions to that. I did polishes on a couple of projects that might finally get before the lens in 06. I have had some feelers out on some other projects that got tabled more from problems on my side than on the other, for a change, that I hope to pick back up again in 2006.

My resolutions have been the same for about three years running: write more, draw more, lose 20 pounds, and see my children safely through the year. And maybe turn my thoughts to lensing my own project again.

I hope all of my loyal readers have a prosperous--and productive--2006.

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Tom said...

Happy New Year, John!

Chris Soth said...

This is the year it turns around. Go man, go.


Da Weave said...

All the best in 2006. I don't think you're the only one that is happy to see the tail end of 2005.

To the future.