Monday, April 03, 2006

DST Plus One

Today I surfed the a.m. radio in the car on the way home to catch baseball's opening day. Bush threw out the first pitch at the Reds game but didn't hit any WMDs. Nonetheless the Cubs dropped a bomb on the Reds as expected. I welcome baseball season because I've always enjoyed writing while having a baseball game on the TV or radio (and players names end up creeping into my scripts, like Galaragga and Sheets and Klesko and so on). There's something peaceful about the rythyms of baseball that eases my mind for writing.

I had taped the first few episodes of the Doctor Who relaunch currently playing on Sci Fi, and finally caught up with them, and now have this to report: it is fun and cool, almost a distillation of everything that was ever good in it, perhaps strangely enough as good as you remember it being before you watch them again and realize that spaceship was really a soap dispenser on a piece of string. No wonder it's been a big hit in England all over again. Definitely worth looking for.

Overheard at a diner on Saturday: "How can somebody tell us it's three o'clock when we all know it's two o'clock?"

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