Saturday, October 07, 2006

In Mourning

Not felt like posting much since I found out that one of my favorite characters, Black Goliath, got killed by, of all people, a clone of Thor during Marvel's lame "Civil War." Now that's some weak-ass bullshit right there. Retcon, please.

Some books I found in a 25-cent booksale: Mirgorod by Nilolai Gogol, The Rebel by Albert Camus, An Ice Cream War by William Boyd, Moving Mars by Greg Bear, Starlight by Alfred Bester, Meet Me in the Green Glen by Robert Penn Warren, and Bystander by Maxim Gorki.

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Asphalt Planet said...

Man, FUCK Civil War and all these stupid superhero crossover soap operas. It's gotten to the point where you can't even buy a Marvel or DC comic and have any idea what the hell is going on unless you've read the lame plotted-by-corporation soap opera series that ties it all together. I've pretty much given up on Marvel and DC because of these things. And Goliath was cool. I'm with you on that.