Monday, October 02, 2006

Keanu, Indeed!

I got this email from my pal Shogo, the D.P. for SEX MACHINE, about THE DA VINCI CURSE/BLACK MASS, a different movie I worked on just after S.M. now making its way through Japan:

it is actually called de vinci war in japan. i accidentally run into it in rental store. i thought this is another bull crap that tries to ride on de vince wave and when i picked it up to take a look closer, i saw your name written in japanese and went keanu (wow!) in the store. you know the funny thing is, of course anything with the title de vinci is very popular in japan and the rental store i went had more copies of de vinci war than Red Eye, Two For the Money or Jet Li's Fearless.

Domo Arigato, b-lovers of Japan!

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Tom said...

You've become international, John! And to think I knew you when you just were regional!

Matt Smith said...

How cool it is to have one's work be international and from what i hear it's looking like it will transform itself once more.

Say....can you credit your self with three differnt movies then???? Black Mass.....DaVinci Curse.....???????