Tuesday, August 26, 2003

I'm hard at work at DEMON ON A DEAD END STREET for the Polonia Brothers. A writer/artist with a mysterious illness hires a free-thinking assistant with a troubled past. Their work begins to heal each other, but an evil presence is moving inexorably towards them.

UNDERBELLY: Nerd-noir thriller has hapless college student getting mixed up with dim-witted thugs, jut-jawed gangsters, and plenty of hard-hearted honeys. Witty film with solid production values and a cool vibe. Directed by my pal Joe Sherlock and available from his DR. SQUID website.

NEVADA FROM DC/Vertigo. A sophisticated, complex story of the adventures of a Las Vegas showgirl, her pet ostrich, a drunken pan-dimensional hero, and a villian with something very wrong with his head. Written by one of my favorite writers, Steve (DEFENDERS) Gerber; the art, by Phil Winslade, has some of the best energy I've seen in a long time.
But there's more to the book than just good plotting and art. It's completely fresh, in its presentation (using text pages and other elements to break free of traditional styles)and in its perspectives. It's an honest original, not easily cast into one genre or another. It's not your ususal VERTIGO dreary fishook-in-the-eye watercolor gloom, but it's no teen spandex epic either.

You can write to me about this stuff at johnoakdalton@hotmail.com.

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