Friday, August 29, 2003

Well, I was hoping to have DEMONS ON A DEAD END STREET done for the Polonia Brothers by today, so I could enjoy the long weekend going to Holiday World (voted the cleanest and friendliest park in America, yes even beating out Disney) and then camping with my wife's "kin" down on the Ohio River.

But Wednesday night I went to the Ball State planetarium to see Mars, with hundreds of other people. As it turns out I never got to see Mars, as the line was too long; but it was cool that so many people were there, and cared about it. When I drove home later, I saw it plainly, as strange as an eclipse in the sky.

Then last night I went to see the mighty Ball State vs. Indiana State cross-state football rivalry, the first night game played at the stadium. Ball State is known for having a historically long losing streak, and graduating David Letterman; Indiana State for being pretty bad also, and graduating Larry Bird. There was plenty of festivities and fireworks, as well as muffed punts, footballs bouncing off the uprights, interceptions, fumbles, and on an on. Ball State won, by the way, by not losing. My dad (a BSU grad also) and I had a good time.

But next week I will get back to the grindstone and finish DEMONS. I have two more polishes/rewrites in line to start right after. Quite a time to start a blog, eh?

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