Friday, June 24, 2005

Live from Flyover Country

Tonight we are putting the final polish on "A Postcard from Farmland," the short I DP'd for the show "Small Town Scenario." It is debuting two weeks from today at the Community Center in beautiful downtown Farmland, Indiana. The short will be accompanied by about a twenty-minute "Behind the Scenes" segment that undoubtedly will show me jumping up from the railroad tracks to get away from an oncoming train (cool shot, though), leaning way out from the roof of a downtown building for another shot, and other dumbassed things. I'm proud of the short, though, and am glad to be able to give something back to my little town. Jesus, though, how did I ever get the nickname "Sparky?" You can read more at the show's web journal,

I'm going to be way, way offline for a week or so. Until then, watch the SEX MACHINE trailer a few more times.

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