Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Back in the (Digital) Saddle Again

A lot of stuff happened when I was offline this time.

It's bad enough having American b-movie fans against me, and now the Italians are chiming in. At this Italian cinema blog is some commentary on the Sex Machine trailer, and Babelfish offered this translation, open to some interpretation:

...after the blog, the source more important seems to be John Oak Dalton and this is an alarm bell, we hope that someone from the high wide awake.

Thanks to Christopher Sharpe for the heads up on these European insights.

Fangoria put up a blurb about the new Polonia Brothers movie, now called BLACK MASS. Check it out here. How cool is it to be mentioned by name at the Fangoria site? When I was a teen all the hip kids read Fangoria, and all the nerds like me read Starlog. But I used to borrow my neighbor Ivan's copies all the time. His mother was Japanese, so he was loaded up on all the cool robot toys too. Ah, the good life.

A bunch of old ladies in my humble little town decided to get naked for a good cause. ABC news tells all here, but there are many other places on the 'net to read about it. I'm buying one!

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Bill Cunningham said...

So you are back! Great!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, the translation is a bit ambiguous... I was only saying that it will be hard to find the film here in Italy if one only person is writing about it, and I'd really love to see it (as I told to Christopher Sharpe). So, I was not against you, I was against distributors (and it's hard to get translated indie films here, the most we can do, often enough, is to hope and pray for subtitles!). Yours truly, Chiara from

John Oak Dalton said...


I sort of figured that's what you meant, but it was funny to read the translation. You really can't trust Babelfish.

If you read my archives, you'll see I'm a big fan of Italian neorealism, so good luck with your own site!