Thursday, September 29, 2005

Autumn Leaves

This morning while driving into work there was a commercial on the local rock station asking, one supposes ironically, if I'd rather hear "Garden Party" by Rick Nelson or "Girls Girls Girls" by some metal band I forgot about, and I thought, "I'd kinda like to hear Garden Party, thanks," and thus blinked out the last rays from the twilight of my youth.

It is officially Fall in the Heartland. The first tentative toilet paper attack was cleaned up from the yard yesterday, as the young Hoosier hearts turn to romance and that age-old midwestern courtship dance that begins when the leaves start to turn. I told my daughter if she found out who did it, tell him that your father said he threw like a girl. Don't bring it if you can't clear the basketball goal in the driveway.

Ah, Fall. Basketball a few weeks away. My mother-in-law has already served her first Autumn Stew. My college football team is still on their eternal losing streak, and the groans can be heard in my parents' front yard several blocks away. My former neighbor Junior, he of the perpetual lawn sale, finally puts on a t-shirt, signalling the end of summer. A time for reflection.

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Dr. Squid said...

Wow, John - you just created such vivid visuals in my head with this post - hey you should write movies or something!!!

Girls Girls Girls is by Motley Crue, but it sounds better when you say, "some metal band I forgot" as it alludes to your alzheimers, old man.

Hmmm...depending on how you read this is might come off as bitingly sarcastic, but rest assured, it's meant with love and humor.

I love fall. I really, really, really love fall.