Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ticking Away

I have been crazy busy and all of a sudden it's Wednesday. I had to work last Saturday at the day job but luckily got to shoot HD for the first time. I had a bout of either food poisoning or stomach flu and have spent a lot of time...indisposed. And, though some movie critics might believe this to be related, I have also been doing a spate of writing. I have been pitching a few ideas for some potential scripts and have a few people seemingly eager to do something with me. I have been doing more or less a format polish for a producer on a script and coverage on several other scripts for a few writers that are more talented than me. I just finished two new minicomics, Volunteers #6 and #7, soon to be glue-sticked and photocopied and appearing in the mailboxes and comic shop files of a misfortunate few. Hopefully I can squeeze a few more sparks out of this surge of creative energy and have a new project or two to holler about here soon.

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Tim said...

John, Sorry to hear about the stomach flu. Hope things have improved or soon for you.

Amit said...

I don't know if I should wish you to get well soon, especially when you are having such a fantastic time writing. :D

So here is a round about way - If you think that you would rather prefer being well to writing then i hope you get well soon real quick. otherwise rock on.....