Friday, September 16, 2005

Go Big Blue!

Putting up all of these crazy 70s photos this week reminded me about this movie from Patrick Read Johnson dealing with Star Wars fandom back in 1977. I saw Johnson speak at Microcinema Fest 2005 and he showed about a thirty minute teaser of this movie. I was there in '77, and I'd say he got it right. One thing I remember was that the magic number to go see Star Wars was thirteen times. If you saw it thirteen times, you had something to brag about while playing The Keep at the Borderlands.

Former Colt QB Gary Hogeboom on Survivor? Yeah, everybody talks about him being a Cowboy, but he had a couple of years as a Colt after that. One might recall him putting up Johnny Unitas numbers during the 1987 strike, when he crossed the picket line and played for the Colts against a bunch of replacements. If I was to drop a former Colt off on a deserted island, though, it would probably be Eric Dickerson or Jack Trudeau.

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