Sunday, February 12, 2006

By Carrier Pigeon

I have been posting slowly lately in the winter doldrums, but I did learn that Black Mass will get picked up by a distributor; more info later.

I have been way behind on screeners for Microcinema Scene, so I sat down over the last two weekends and watched about a dozen submissions. And many of them were good, to my great relief. Check out my reviews of them on the site over the next few weeks.

The site for Microcinema Fest 2006 has been updated; check it out for new info on this great fest.

A local high school, recognizing a cool mofo when they see one, asked me to write a short script for a special project for an advanced AV class. It was nice to be asked, and I finished the first draft of I KILLED BILL SHAKESPEARE tonight. I gave it to my seventeen-year-old to read for accuracy in terms of the high school milieu before I deliver it tomorrow. It was a nice little exercise and I hope that warmed me up for a new year of writing.

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