Monday, February 06, 2006

News of the World

The people of Germany wonder about Sex Machine here (link poached from Christopher Sharpe).

I vowed not to watch the Super Bowl when the Colts were knocked out of it but backslid and watched some anyway; and got what I deserved, a pretty blah game. And I don't remember any of the commercials.

Is finding out your daughter is on MySpace, and then reading her blog without telling her, then reading everything all of her friends have posted, as bad as reading a diary?

What about if you tell your daughter that a certain boy can only go out with her if he comes over to the house and beats me in Axis and Allies?

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Pete Bauer said...

Reading your daughter's blog doesn't equate to reading her diary, because it was never intended to be private.

But, then again, the fact that I have a daugther about to become a teen may be influencing my justification here :)

GMLumpp said...

Yeah the thing with a diary is that you know creepy 50 year old guys won't be reading it late at night and messaging her asking what she's wearing. As a father it's pretty much your duty to read it - or at least have you wife make sure she doesn't have her phone number on display for the whole internet to see.