Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Boogie On Reggae Woman

SEX MACHINE streets May 1, y'all!

Just when I thought STUDIO 60 couldn't get any hipper, it did. A sexual harrassment lawyer shows up at the set at 10 p.m. to investigate a claim and sits around swilling booze and giving out her phone number. The ultra-conservative Christian on the show jumps between two boyfriends, one of whom has fallen back into drug addiction, and is acting in a movie where she simulates drug abuse and manslaughter. They are so unbelievably hip, they exist in a parallel dimension of hipness, and I can only peep through the window for an hour on Monday nights. I am almost about to quit watching it. Only I fear that their attacks on Midwestern life will spring back up.

I have been told by my family that I basically have to give up my entire lifestyle for Lent.

Happy Fat Tuesday, everybody!

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GaryL said...

A friend of mine used to criticize my love of Buffy because "people don't talk like that." True the main cast had their own way of talking to each other, but people outside the group tended to be more normal.

However with a show like Studio 60 EVERYBODY talks the same freakin' way. Like the lawyer you mentioned in last night's show - she's never met anyone in the cast before, yet immediately she sounds exactly like Matthew Perry's character, right down to her inflections. Just annoying, and despite having the same perverse desire to watch the trainwreck of a show that you seem to have, I had to turn it off halfway through.

Christopher Sharpe said...

STUDIO 60 is quite a trainwreck to watch. It hasn't for one minute lived up to the potential of the pilot episode. And the directions they are taking it keep getting stranger and stranger. Any bets on whether or not that was the last episode that will actually air? Next week is the premiere of Black Donnellys.

John - cool find on the amazon link. How do you always find out about these things before I do? Also, what do we need to do to make some alterations to the imdb page?