Friday, February 02, 2007

My Milkshake Brings Feds to the Yard

Meatwad off to Abu Garib. My old movie pal Jason Santo is okay, though.

The place where my wife and I were married twenty years ago was recently desecreated when it was used to shoot a porn movie. More fuel to the persistent rumors in my community that I am involved in porn.

Another old movie pal Tyler Tharpe's new movie, RETURN IN RED, comes out in a week or so. Peep an old-school trailer here.

I report, your ass decides.

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Tom said...

I was going to e-mail you concerning the return of that certain slimey fellow and his current filmaking hi-jinks. I'm not surprised he made a porn, but I was surprised he actually completed a film of any sort. I thought he would rather talk about the films he's about to make than actually make them. Reading the piece in the paper, it's so painfully obvious how big a tool he is. Yuck!