Sunday, January 13, 2008

When the Days Get Rainy and the Nights Get Long

Yes I know I am wearing the same sweater in almost all of my Christmas pictures. It was my holiday sweater dammit! Now it is retired for the season.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny crisp January day and I saw my new California neighbors down at the coffee shop, and though it's wrong I couldn't help but needle them a little bit that winter has hardly begun.

I logged my first entry in my reading blog and the first salvo in my new JLA fan fic blog and also updated The Homemade World Review, so feel free to sally forth from here. But come back, because this place will get updated the most.

And then go look at this for some great web comics (and thanks to Bill Cunningham for the link).

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Anonymous said...

It's not a bad sweater... It's a Christmas-y something sweater. You gotta love that. It's not such a dilemma..