Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Benson, Arizona, the Same Stars in the Sky

Best-selling author Haven Kimmel went slumming and ended up staying at my house over Memorial Day. Read her highly subjective account here.

Actor Jason Smither has an update from the set of MENTAL SCARS here.

I found out the great Hoosier filmmaker Sydney Pollack just died. A few nights ago I saw him in a nice little French film called AVENUE MONTAIGNE. Contrary to what one might think, we have had a lot of great TV and movie people from here, as well as a notable number of vice presidents.

Now here's a dude doing some interesting stuff with ephemeral video, found footage, public domain stuff, and the like.

Someone pointed me to a "Lost Muncie" site that linked to yearbook photos from my long-closed alma mater, where I found a picture of my scrawny ass circa 1984.

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