Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Call your moms up today!

It has been an insane week here and isn't looking any better today, with heavy storms whipping through the area on what should be a spring-like, happy-go-lucky Mother's Day. My own mother is spending it in the hospital, unfortunately.

I had about a fifty-hour workweek but managed to peel out some time to do some last-minute rewrites on MENTAL SCARS, a slasher movie now lensing in Indianapolis. You can get updates here.

I swore when I went to the library book sale I would not walk out with more than one bag so instead I had one bulging like an engorged tick and all these old lady volunteers saying "Don't you want another bag?" No, I have my principles. I had too many good finds to list here, but I found a stack of old Ace Double Westerns, which I had never seen before, and an audio collection of "Radio's Greatest Detectives" that had about 15 tapes with only one missing for the steal-it price of 75 cents, and an original copy of John Lange's ZERO COOL which has now been re-released in the Hard Case Crime series.

In comic-book news, did anyone who read the new 50-cent DC UNIVERSE #0, launching (I think) THE FINAL CRISIS, not believe that Barry Allen was coming back to life? Longtime readers know I called that one back during "The Lightning Saga" in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. I'm just sayin'.

I'm supposed to be downstairs washing dishes. Until later, I'm at


Tom said...

My Final Crisis theory: Barry Allen may have returned, but, like the McRib, for a limited time only.

John Oak Dalton said...

But I also never thought we would see Bucky or Jason Todd again.