Friday, August 22, 2008

Bigfoot Stole My Six-Pack (Part Two)

It appears to be Monster Week here at the blog, as my hometown of Muncie, Indiana gets dragged into the latest Bigfoot hoax. Naturally, I am getting some stray google hits because of my Bigfoot movie AMONG US, currently enjoying a run on the Canadian cable channel SPACE-TV (thanks, my northern brothers). For the record, that movie actually takes place in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, where the Polonia Brothers are from, though I did put in a little shout-out for my wife's family in Tell City, Indiana. For old times' sake, here is a link to "Bigfoot Stole My Sixpack," a video made from the song that runs under the closing credits.

I finally found a picture of me from BlogIndiana 2008 that wasn't of the back of my head. I suspect they actually wanted a picture of my stylin' friend Scooby and I was just standing next to him.

It seems like Twittering was all the rage at the conference, so I'm going to check it out for a few weeks. You can see fresh stuff from me in the sidebar.

In other tech news, some smarter people than me have been weighing in on my comments about grassroots DV on the Microcinema Scene message board here.

I was down with a migraine yesterday and feeling the aftershocks today. Curiously, I almost always have a burst of creativity after. Which is good, as I am knuckling down on a rewrite of a sci-fi script I wrote under a non-disclosure last year, which should soak up this weekend.

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Todd Partain said...

There is indeed a shadowy subculture in the world, a syndicate of sorts. It has tendrils all over the planet. Within it are factions that are constantly at odds with one another. They are tied together by one unshakable dogma: there are wild men in the woods and we have to prove it. We have to prove it before the other guys do.

Most people snicker and laugh. The only exposure they have to such creatures is the tabloid story, the winking news anchor. There is a conspiracy of disbelief in our own minds.

Most people have no idea about the thousands of tracks found out of the way places, the hair samples that test as an unknown primate. The huge catalog of sighting reports from people with nothing to gain and everything to lose by coming forward.

Then there are the true believers, some crackpots yes, but most are, or at least were, ordinary folks. Ordinary until that day in the woods when something big and hairy and bipedal made itself known. Ordinary until the night they glance up from their television or computer screen in their own homes to see some unexpainable face peering in the window.

Then there are the hucksters, the gold diggers, the con men who would make a million from a rubber costume stuffed with dead animal parts. Exploiting the secret desire of the whole world to know, at last, what it secretly fears. That we are not as special as we believe ourselves to be. That there exist a blur between man and ape. A blur that leaves giant footprints in the forest.

It's an odd little underworld, and I'm a part of it. At the age of five something so terrifying happened to my family in the woods, none of us would speak of it for years to come. I spent most of my life ob sessed, so obsessed I made a documentary film on the subject. I'm one of the lucky ones.Some have lost their jobs, their wives, everything pursuing the hairy people.

Perhaps it's for the best that people snicker and laugh. I's a form of protection. It protects them from us and us from ourselves.

John Oak Dalton said...

I actually did a lot of Bigfoot research when I wrote AMONG US, believe it or not (and star Jon McBride didn't; he thought I made it all up), and I think there are a lot of strange things out there...good luck with your search.