Wednesday, August 20, 2008

From Montauk with Love

Not suprisingly, it looks like the Montauk Monster stuff turned out to be fake (I thought it was a de-shelled turtle, myself). Somewhat surprisingly, it seems to be tied into a movie in production called Splinterheads, which I learned about when I started getting a lot of Google hits on my site from surfers looking for "Splinterhead Movie." Splinterheads is apparently a comedy about carnival life, whereas my Splinterhead, for Polonia Brothers Entertainment and I think in post-production right now, is naturally, about a killer ventriloquist dummy. To really complete the Circle of Life, Polonia Brothers Entertainment has Monster Movie coming out next month, and damn if that creature doesn't look a bit like the Montauk Monster (only more realistic).

Mysteriously, there are approximately 297 miles between where Splinterheads is being shot in Patchogue, NY, and where Splinterhead and Monster Movie were shot in Wellsboro, PA.

More as this story evolves; until later, I am at

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