Friday, October 10, 2003

Driver's Seat

Well, I hope to hit the hammer on the PETER ROTTENTAIL script this weekend. I have done quite a bit the last few nights. A meager fall television season helps.

I hope to have a productive weekend. I need to.

It looks like I'll finish posting AMONG US Monday, for those who have been waiting for the shattering denouement, and the many more who haven't.

When you see this part in the movie, it's me playing the Bigfoot. I kind of looked around the set and realized there were no other likely candidates not doing anything standing around. So in the suit I went, coming out smelling like the inside of a flat tire.

For those who know me, yes, I would be a pretty short Bigfoot. But standing on a box helped me channel my "inner sasquatch."

I also pulled cable, cooked food, washed dishes, took stills, shot behind the scenes footage, and more...hope the WGA never hears about this.

Billy dodges his way back to the kitchen, skids to a stop, and snatches up his jacket.
Billy shrugs into his jacket, feeling all of the pockets. He relaxes when he pats the pocket where he has the car keys. He fishes the keys out.
Offscreen, there is the sound of CRACKING and FALLING WOOD.
Billy hesitates, looking around carefully. He wipes the sweat from his brow, then he grabs the camera and rights it on a head shot of himself.
Just in case we don't make it, and somebody finds this tape someday?
Mom and Dad, I love you. And Jennifer...
I'm sorry.
Billy looks past the lens, catching Ray's eye.
Let's roll.
The camera falls in behind Billy.
Billy stops cold when he sees the bigfoot standing tall in the corner. A tipped lamp casts a strange long shadow over the creature, who stands partially in the darkness and partially in the light.
They stand and look at each other for a long time. Finally Billy and the camera scoot past and through the dark, broken doorway.
Just outside the door, something catches Billy's eye. It is the paring knife Billy had used earlier, jutting from the cabin wall. Billy gives it a baleful glance.
Billy races flat-out for the SUV and lunges for the door.
As Billy tries to work the ignition with a shaking hand, Jennifer's head juts into view from the back seat.
Everything okay?
Billy opens his mouth, but before he can say anything another ROAR rips through the silence.
The SUV is pummeled, and is rocked back and forth. Flashes of fur, gleaming eyes, white teeth flash at the windows.
Drive! Drive!
Billy slams it into gear and tears away, letting the creatures fall away.
The camera flips around and gets a shot out of the back window, as one of the creatures stands in the red light of the vehicle's taillights.
As the creature gets smaller and the car speeds farther on, a triumphant HOWL rattles the windows.

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