Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Once More, With Feeling

I finally finished up the rewrite on PETER ROTTENTAIL last night and shipped it off to the Polonia Brothers. That was a tough mutha to give birth to, for some reason. I'd hate to look back at my blog and see how long I was writing "I have to finish a big chunk of PETER ROTTENTAIL." Too long.

I remember I was watching Mark and John Polonia shoot a scene for AMONG US on this rickety bridge over a raging river when they first asked me about rewriting this script. A magician who falls under an evil voodoo guy's spell and becomes a giant killer rabbit? Hard to get my mind around it then and now. I might have thought back then that I could possibly die trying to cross that river and didn't have anything to lose, and thus said "okay." Later John sent me the script; the first half was hand-written, the second half the typed latter part of another script called PSYCHO CLOWN with "Yuckles" scribbled out and "Peter" written in. But when I look at it as a whole now, it's pretty offbeat and funny. Not another "backyard slasher," to say the least.

The most calming thing, and the most frightening thing, John Polonia says is, "If we can't figure it out, we'll shemp it."

I'm going to start right away on the rewrite of GIZZARD GUTS, a ghost pirate movie that will be the third of the four-picture distribution deal the Polonia Brothers have. It looks like this may be shot in a resort area of New Jersey, so I am going to stay pretty close to this project and try to cajole a visit to the set. Hopefully I won't be writing "I have to get a big chunk of GIZZARD GUTS done" for the next month.

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