Friday, October 03, 2003

The low, rumbling, distant echo of a lightning storm coming

I feel like I have a migraine coming on, so I'm not weighing in with much today. I am taking a long weekend to try to catch up on a lot of stuff, not the least of which is winterizing and writing. Tonight I'm going to try to stitch up.

Here's a big batch of AMONG US, which may need to last y'all a few days before I can get back. This is from the pulse-pounding conclusion, which was shot completely differently on the set; but this contains my favorite part, where the rock from the cairn comes in through the window, and Billy and Wayne share a moment of acknowledgement. Didn't turn out the way I thought in the finished project, but you can read it here at least. A big batch of the end was actually shot hand-held, improv style, which gives it a lot of energy. We'll see which version people like better soon enough.

Billy, Jennifer, and Wayne crowd together on the porch, scanning the darkness.
Are we even going to tell each other that was a wolf?
They keep watching the treeline.
Now Billy is even more attentive.
Do you smell that?
Wayne turns his face into the air.
Smells like....
No animal you ever smelled before?
Nobody answers Billy.
Suddenly, a LOW GROWLING is heard, much closer.
In an instant, the three people are sprinting back into the house, the camera following in their trail.
Billy looks over his shoulder.
Ray! RAY!!
Billy appears to yank the camera the last few inches, then slams the door behind them.
The camera catches Billy turning the lock with a resounding CLICK. Then he turns to the others.
Check all the windows.
Feature a series of shots as the trio secure all the windows. It appears to be a series of mundane shots, much the same--until Wayne glimpses a furry head in the darkness outside.
Wayne SCREAMS and staggers back.
The others whirl around in terror.
The camera follows him as he staggers to the toilet in the tiny bathroom and VOMITS.
He comes out, sweating and wiping his mouth, talking rapidly.
I'm all right. It's just like an athlete before the big game. It's something that happens. It does happen to athletes, right?
Billy grabs him and shakes him.
What did you see?
Wayne comes out of his reverie.
I think I saw a face.
Billy's response dies on his lips as a loud CLANGING comes from outside.
Billy releases Wayne and races to a nearby window. He very carefully inches his face up to the glass.
What is it?
I can't see...
Ah shit. Something is rocking my car! My brand new fucking car! Ray, put the camera up there!
Suddenly a THUD on the wall makes Billy take a step back.
The camera whips around to try to follow the sound of the noise. More THUDS resound on the walls of the cabin.
That sounds like--
In the next moment comes a CRASH OF GLASS as a round stone breaks through a window. Jennifer SCREAMS.
The stone rolls to Wayne's feet. Curious, he picks it up out of the jagged glass and examines it. It looks to have come from the cairn. He looks at Billy with a raised eyebrow. Billy looks anywhere else.
Another rain of rocks POUND the cabin's walls and roof. The trio start creeping closer together, shoulder to shoulder, as a HOWLING chimes in with the constant barrage of rocks.
The pelting rocks begin to lessen and subside.
There is a moment of eerie quiet.
Suddenly a hairy arm breaks in a window, and in a flash retreats.
Wayne grabs his head.
The cabin falls silent again.
Billy and Jennifer exchange glances, then start pushing furniture--a couch, a bookcase--against the shattered glass.
The only sound in the cabin is their breathing.
What do you think?
Let's get the hell out of here.
Billy moves to the door, motioning the others back. He turns the lock and inches it open, peering around the doorframe. Then he opens the door wide.
He looks back at the others, and expels a long breath. As he turns to look at the door again, a large SHAPE steps in front of the frame. A YELL from Jennifer and Wayne goes up. Billy reaches over and slams the door.
We need weapons.
Something POUNDS on the door. Billy jumps away from it.
The kitchen!
The threesome race through the house.

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