Thursday, October 09, 2003

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner

So I talked to Mark Polonia last night about PETER ROTTENTAIL and asked when they wanted to see it. He said, "Last week." Yipe! I'm way behind, with a lot of life intervening in between. I got a good chunk in last night. I've just to keep on keepin' on until it's done.

The great secret about scriptwriting is that it's not you in your underwear under a tree looking at clouds and waiting for the muse to descend. It's you with your butt in a chair and having the will to sit there even when the Colts are on or whatever else.

There it is: you need more craft than art. And a cast-iron butt.

Here's more from the end of AMONG US:

Billy and Jennifer head downstairs at a more cautious pace.
They spot a nervous Wayne surveying the debris from the front door, scattered all over the floor. He looks pale and shaken.
Billy and Jennifer join him at the doorframe and peer beyond.
From the camera's POV, we see nothing in the darkness but the faint metallic glint from Billy's SUV.
Billy looks at everybody.
They work their way towards the vehicle, their pace quickening as they close in, until finally they are running full out, leaping for the doors, and diving in.
The car doors are locked with a satisfying CLICK.
Wayne expels a relieved BREATH, but Jennifer notices that Billy is rolling his forehead back and forth on the steering wheel. Her face goes cold.
Where are they, Billy?
In my jacket pocket. In the kitchen.
Billy looks out the windshield for a long moment. Then he opens the driver's door. The camera seems to follow, but Billy pushes at the lens.
Ray, you're not Ernie Pyle or whoever the fuck. Stay here!
Billy takes a few steps, and the camera is still right behind. Billy turns again.
Stay here!
Billy takes off at a run. The camera is following right behind.

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