Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Leatherstocking Tales

Scored some kerosene and an actual can to store it in on the way home last night, just as they came off the truck at a local hardware store. Still on the prowl for batteries and lamp oil. A post-apocalyptic shopping list.

Christopher Sharpe has launched a new site for SEX MACHINE, available at http://www.sexmachinemovie.com/. Not much there yet, but I'm sure Chris will be adding to it.

I have $50 left of Christmas money and trying to figure out how to spend it. Thinking about buying this, for one. Suggestions welcome.

Turned my DVD player back on last night and wished I hadn't. I watched TROY. I don't mind a few liberties, but killing Agamemnon went a little far. For one thing, there was this little play called AGAMEMNON by Aeschylus that sorta gets negated if you do that. Next time, try research.

Turning on the laptop for my own work tonight, barring brown-outs.

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