Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Zombies of the Stratosphere

MicrocinemaFest 2005 will actually be held in Palatine, Illinois, contrary to what I reported yesterday. I am hoping to be involved in the "Film Boot Camp" again. A new website should be up shortly, and then I'll post a link.

I have been working on a polish of a short script for a filmmaker I've wanted to work with for a while, and have been going full-bore the last few days. Those loud creaking noises you hear from the Midwest are my rusty gears turning again.

If you wonder what I thought of THE JIZZ MOPPER, click here. I will have my review of RECTUMA up by Friday, I hope, and then return to a saner corner of the world.

Now it can be told: last semester I had a student in my scriptwriting class turn in a project that included this sentence: She balled her eyes out on the coach.

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