Thursday, February 17, 2005

Flying Leathernecks

I've been cooking away on the new still untitled Polonia Brothers project, a supernatural horror outing in a historic setting. I was working so hard last night I even decided to pass on American Idol, though I stopped to watch the strange sight of a parallel-universe Ron Artest get convicted of murder on Law and Order. We still love our Pacers anyway.

All the hard work is worthwhile when you get nice emails like this one:

...My brother and I have loved low budget horror films forever. We rented the classic Cannibal Campout and were hooked back in high school. Anyway we haven't been able to find any good ones in a while, until my brother tried out netflix. About a month ago we had over a foot of snow and had nothing to do but check out these dvd's he lent me from the now FAMOUS POLONIA BROTHERS and JOHN OAK DALTON. We watched Feeders, Feeders 2 and Among Us. It was an eye opener, my wife was like whatever I'm going to bed, we've kind of abused her with cannibal campout for years. The extras on the dvd's were great, so he returned them and 2 days later we received HOLLA Back and PETER ROTTENTAIL. Now after seeing a couple they're all great but the best as far as I can tell is Among Us. Keep on writing and we'll keep our eye out for other films you've done.

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