Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hell is for Heroes (and Scriptwriters)

I've been working like a coal miner over the new Polonia Brothers script, a supernatural war story set during the War to End All Wars (until we started to fight in Korea, Viet Nam, Panama, Bosnia, Somalia, Iraq, Iraq again, Iran probably later, etc.); last night I talked to Mark Polonia, live from Wellsboro Pennsylvania, and heard some of their ideas for casting and a little bit more about the CGI work they want to do for the denouement of the piece, which hopefully I'll be writing before too much longer. The tentative start of shooting is the last of May, which ain't too far off pre-production-wise.

I promised to make this one, in my own words, more muscular and less cerebral. I think the Brothers are still having flashbacks to my lengthy soliloquies in AMONG US, as well as my propensity for writing lots and lots of supporting characters. Mark and John's worst nightmare, and probably any low-budget producer's as well, is having fifty characters walking in lockstep over a hill, each spouting a Shakespearean monologue.

I really have to get it cooked out, as it looks like I'll be starting on a rewrite the very next week after I promised the Polonia Brothers' project, more details on that to come. Maybe it's time to start that coke habit I hear all those high-falutin' Hollywood screenwriters have.

It's always funny to see what people google to find your page, like Daryn Kagan in leather and raspberry beret horse and Who Sang Billy Don't Be A Hero, but there's something that just got me laughing about the search query Bullshit in Wellsboro. Have to ask the Brothers about that one.

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