Monday, February 14, 2005

My Bloody Valentine

I just posted my 100th review at Microcinema Scene, and that's a lot of micro. Here it is. I did a quick count, and think I have written one five star review (that was for NOTHING SO STRANGE, though I certainly would have given the nod to RED COCKROACHES as well if Pete Bauer hadn't beaten me to it), a half-dozen four star reviews (here's a good one), and a handful of one star reviews (here's a favorite, and this one) with about 90 percent falling somewhere between two and three stars. That means most everything I've seen falls slightly below average, was average, or slightly above average. I wonder what this says about the grassroots DV movement, or if it says something about me as a reviewer, or whether it says nothing.

A few years ago a local radio station had a Valentine's Day contest about the craziest way to meet your future spouse, and I called in about how my wife and I met on a blind date at an intersection in January of 1987 and were married about nine months later. Then some MF called in about how he met his future wife on an ambulance run and stole the prize right out from under me. Damn that paramedic!

This dude has some pretty cool ideas.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. Give me a shout at

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