Monday, August 29, 2005

La Dolce Vita, Part Two

Another shout-out from the b-fans of Italy; according to Babelfish, they are saying:
The beautiful one to discover in net the blog of a writer for the cinema comes above all when you can exchange again months of most interesting participations with a simple one link. Necessary, then, a visit to the blog of John Oak Dalton, papĂ  of the script.
Find out for yourself here.

My bigfoot opus AMONG US gets three screenings at Cascadia Con, the North American Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention, at the Seattle Airport Hilton and Conference Center this weekend. I wonder if Cascadia's "Sasquatch Militia" had anything to do with this.

My first volley of full-length reviews of what I saw at Microcinema Fest 2005 is going up at Microcinema Scene. You can check them out here.

More later; until then, give me a shout at

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