Friday, August 05, 2005

Live Nude Girls and Other News

The Reel Pie Film Festival will be in Muncie, Indiana tonight at the Civic Theater at 7:30 p.m. The short I DP'd for the Small Town Scenario show, "A Postcard from Farmland," will be shown. I'll be ducking down in the back row. More info at

Oh, and you can now buy the nude calendar featuring the elderly women of my little town online at

I got a couple of nice emails this week out of the blue about my work on some of the Polonia Brothers movies. I talked a lot in earlier posts about people who look down a bit on the humble b-movie screenwriter, and when I did so I sort of forgot about the fans. I really think your sci-fi/horror/fantasy fan is the best fan to have, as they are voracious in finding new material and vocal in supporting what they like. Those are who we are writing for, after all, and these little e-missives reminded me of that.

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