Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Schlocked Out

What a nice treat for my birthday; Tim at the site Mondo Schlocko posted the first part of an interview with me today, here.

On my 34th birthday I decided to spend one year trying to get back into freelance scriptwriting after a long hiatus. That was the year 2000, which had a nice ring to it. I had some good luck that year and on my 35th birthday decided to keep going. Now every year I at least stop and think about whether to keep going with screenwriting. Last year I had a lot of momentum so it was kind of a given, but there have been years where I looked at belly-up projects and derailed scripts and thought about packing it in and just reading more comic books.
This year I worked at a nice steady pace, but what is keeping me going is the possibility of writing scripts this year with some people I really want to work with. Even if they fall through, I am interested to see where they lead.
And yes, novice screenwriters, if merely the possibility of doing something isn't enough for you, don't pick up the pen.

So on my birthday my wife lets me pick my own birthday meal, and this year I asked for pulled BBQ pork, her homemade potato salad, baked beans in the special bean pot, and her great chocolate ganache scratch cake with the raspberry filling and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Life is good.

Until later, I'm at johnoakdalton@hotmail.com.


Dr. Squid said...

Life IS good, John - I am envious of your birthday dinner. Have a happy day.

- Joe

Da Weave said...

John - Have a fine birthday and many more.

to the future.


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jon solita said...

man, that crap is annoying.

happy birthday and hope this is your best screenwriting year yet. can't wait to see sex machine.

The Furnace said...

Happy birthday John - too bad someone decided to give you spam as a gift. And not the good meaty kind.

John Oak Dalton said...

It's funny that the day I see an article on blogger about comment spam I get a bunch of comment spam. I had originally said I didn't need to enable comment spam blockers because I never got spammed on comments. Coincidence?

John Oak Dalton said...

And thanks to everybody who wished me a happy birthday.